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Mark Corrales
We were undecided on helmets. Bri was so patient and extremely friendly with us. She had many examples of helmets prepared for us to try on. Kanessa was also very helpful also and held a helmet for us. These two employees should be recognized for their outstanding customer service. We will keep going back to Quaid because of them both. (Employee: Bri White, Kanessa Gardner)
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Gilbert Schneider
Bought our Trike with Quaid Harley. Great dealership, couldn't have asked for more. B was on it from before, during and even since the purchase. Her customer service is impeccable. Rich was super helpful, took his time with us and did what it took to get it done. We couldn't be happier with Quaid, the staff, or our purchase. Thanks Quaid. (Employee: B Meekins)
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Jeff Peterson
These guys and gals are great. Once again Anthony and his techs came through when my bike needed service/warranty work. Highly recommend them . (Employee: Anthony Gonzalez)
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Brody Schmidt
I began riding(again) in 2012. My Nephew was my inspiration. I lost my best friend and my Nephew thought it would be good for me to start riding again. My Nephew also was a rider. He was preparing to deploy back to Afghanistan in two weeks. We made plans to ride when he rotated back at the end of 2012. This conversation was on Christmas Day 2011 and would be our last face to face conversation ever. He was KIA in August 2012 while flying a mission in the southern province of Kandahar, Afghanistan. My Nephew, CW02 Suresh Krause was a Blackhawk Pilot. Riding took on a whole new meaning and purpose for me. I felt it important to provide whoever is reading this some insight on how significant riding is for me. Its personal, just as it is for most if not all who ride. I have been a proud Harley owner since 2012. I have been working towards purchasing a Touring bike for several years now. In 2015, I moved from Burbank to Redlands. For years I had been part of the Glendale Harley family. I still consider myself family as they do with me. I had built strong relationships with many of the GHD Team and would have my bike transported from Redlands to GHD for service. Around 2016, I visited Quaid Harley to have a very minor service performed on my Breakout. It was more of a reconnaissance mission I wanted to get a feel for how they operate and the vibe of the team and customers. Over time, I continued to visit Quaid and got to know the team better and better with each visit. In 2017, I seriously began looking at my next bike. Zach was the first sales associate that I made aware of my interest. Understanding the sales process as I do, I was pleasantly surprised on how little selling Zach did. He focused on connecting with me, understanding my needs, and making a recommendation. I was not ready at that moment, and Zach understood that and did not attempt to pressure me. That was significant. In 2018, I met Jeremiah. I have to say he is one of the most personable individuals you will ever meet. The motorcycle world and life can be intimidating, especially someone who is novice. Jeremiah has an innate ability to connect with people. Nothing forced. Nothing faked. He has a genuine love for motorcycles, riding and Harleys. Is knowledge across the board as it relates to products and service is at a whole other level. Having all that expertise, he can relate in a way that is understandable. He is patient and quaickly adapts to his customer and can easily relate at their level. Recently, I made the decision to purchase my second bike. Using Instagram, I sent a Direct Message to Jeremiah expressing my interest. He immediately responded back and we began the process of narrowing my search. At no point did he pressure me to make the deal today. It was a processas it should be and the process was made to be very comfortable thanks to Jeremiah. Before I made my bike selection, Jeremiah worked to involve other team members into the process. B Meekins, was one of those team members. B Meekins was swift to react and respond to some of the changes I had made in which model Street Glide I wanted. He was able to secure the model and color quickly prior to me coming down to take possession. Although he was not there to meet me personally, B Meekins messaged immediately after I made my purchase and has appropriately followed up with me through text message. When I arrived at Quaid, Jeremiah had my bike inside the showroom, detailed and ready to ride! I met with Zach and he did a great job of walking me through the most uncomfortable part of any mahjor purchasethe numbers! Zach was thorough and detailed. He made that process as comfortable and enjoyable as it could be. Once the sale was finalized, I was introduced to Finance Manager, Kelly Pettey. I quickly learned Kelly to be a 20-year veteran at Quaid. Speak volumes to the brand and family culture. Kelly, much like Jeremiah, Zach, and B Meekins, was extremely knowledgeable and made the process of reviewing my financing extremely comfortable. The overall purchase process from the time I started with Zach and finishing with Kelly was 40 minutes. The complete service experience also included a meet and greet with Motor Clothes Manager, Selene Hinckley. Selene congratulated me on my new ride and made me aware that as part of my purchase of my new ride. She also gave me the option for a same day 10% off motor clothes purchase. At the end. The owner himself, Brandon Quaid took time to meet with me and just talk. I have tremendous admiration for a hands-on owner who values relationships and not just sales. He took time to take a picture with Zach, Jeremiah, and myself with my new Street Glide. That may not resonate with everyone, but it certainly did for me. In closing, Quaid is truly a family and I feel like I am now an extension of their family which is especially important to me. Thank you, Jeremiah, Zach, B Meekins, Kelly, Brandon and Selene for making my buying experience easy, simple and comfortable. (Employee: Jeremiah Wolfe, B Meekins, Kelly Pettey, Zach Rheaume, Brandon Quaid, Selene Hinckley)
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James Cervantes
She was super friendly and very helpful. B exceeded my expectations. (Employee: B Meekins)
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Jim Cervantes
My son and his lady were looking for a Harley. Had a friend tell me to send them to B at Quaid. He reached out and all he has said was great things about Quaid and the service. They visited and he just called me super excited. Sounds like Quaid just sold them her first Harley! Nice to hear good things then experience what you heard. Appreciate you taking care of my family! (Employee: B Meekins)
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Rob Bradford
Quaid is turning out to be the best. Been working with B on trading in and getting newer. Best customer service with Harley-Davidson shop I have ever had in my life. I wish you could go to any dealership and get treated like you do with B. I won't be going anywhere else. (Employee: B Meekins)
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Michael Roberson
You guys replaced my grips. Simple job done right. Not sure who it was that washed my bike but, he did an outstanding job. Thanks for that attention to detail. Mike
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Brian Quinones
Thank you to the crew at Quaid Harley Davidson. For my first Harley purchase, the experience was great. Jeremiah gave me a lot of awesome information I needed. Kanessa was extremely hopeful picking out the gear I purchased. (Employee: Jeremiah Wolfe, Kanessa Gardner)
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Michael Mursick
I have bought many motorcycles in my lifetime and I can assure you Ive never been treated so well from a dealership. B and her crew were absolutely terrific. Through the entire process and even after B did a great job communicating and taking care of me. She took calls and text after hours too! B also took things a step farther and introduced me to the dealership owner and they have been spectacular! Im forever a indebted to this group. My children will be buying motorcycles from their children! Thanks B you crushed it!!!! (Employee: B Meekins)

Quaid Harley-Davidson® is a family-owned motorcycle dealership centrally located in Southern California that has provided excellent customer service to thousands of Harley-Davidson® owners since 1996. Located on Redlands Boulevard in Loma Linda, Quaid Harley-Davidson® is right in the heart of the Inland Empire, close to everyone and ready to earn all of SoCal's business. We are committed to making our customers feel like part of our family and strive to offer the utmost in customer service in new & pre-owned Harley-Davidson® sales, Service, Parts & Accessories, and MotorClothes®.